Who Invented Soccer? – A History of the Sport

Football as it stands we know it today has its origins in the UK. England is the birthplace of modern football, but since time immemorial exist in almost all cultural and peoples of the world very similar to football games.

The current rules of soccer or football (or soccer as it is known in the United States), born in 1863. Then, the fledgling association of English Football (Football Association) drafted on the basis of the Rules of Cambridge, the first official document that established the form of modern soccer game, rules that in later years suffered some changes, but essentially irrelevant.

Football (whose technical name is football association) is a game of rugby brother, who in turn branches in other sports such as football or Australian football, among other variants of what at first was the same game, of course today with abundant differences own entity and each of them.

The Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and even pre-Columbian peoples of americas, games and practiced very similar in essence: two very different teams, in an area bounded, and with a ball that should either make representations to the opposite field or do transfer or puerta. En arc determined by the Egyptian tombs have been found data from a sport practiced by the year 2500 BC Although no precise data on how they played or what was, if it is known that the ball used in the game is made of animal nerves (catgut) to rebound better.

Although it is assumed that it was the Romans who brought the sport to what is now England, since extended his empire to those lands, there is no precise data on this, while there is a history of similar games practiced by Celtic, and closer in time for Norman.

More accurately it is known that sport that would lay the foundations of modern football was practiced since the eighth century in the British Isles, with variations in the place and time. Initially almost without rules, and even unrestricted players sometimes play the ball was very popular and even violent. King Edward II banned it in 1314, so as to dump his subjects to the practice of archery, where the army needed soldiers trained and skilled.

Historians agree that the origin of football is related to fertility rituals. So the ball symbolizes the sun, and the playing field for sown, which must be done by crossing the sun to ensure a good harvest.

By mid-nineteenth century is beginning to unify rules, and in 1846 at the University Rugby is played the first match with common rules of sport that was beginning to be called football. During the years following a series of intensive discussions on the regulation and modality divides players, giving birth to so much as to rugby football.

The rules of modern football (which they have introduced variations with the years) were fixed by the association of English football in 1863. The institution was founded on October 26 of that year, that date is often taken as a foundation for football. On December 8 of that year, schools and universities especially encouraged by the game with their hands finally withdrew from the partnership, and drive the Rugby Football Union.

These years are highly rich in stories and anecdotes. What happened to half of the nineteenth century, is the source of all the groups most popular sports today: soccer, rugby, football, basketball, handball, among many, many others.

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