SpoonyPizzas here guys, reviewing SUPER SOCCER BLAST on the PS4 Pro. Subscribe to the channel here …

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    I’m enjoying the game but the big issue for me is player switching on defence. The game seems to struggle at times to give you control of the player closest to the ball.

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    Spoony, have you tried out Active Soccer 2Dx..bought it today, it's almost identical to sensible soccer but refined with better graphics, more camera options😁 Having so much fun..didn't know it was that good. Better AI aswell than super blast soccer which I also have.

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    This looks like a great game. Nice review too, thank you!. I will pick this up on the Switch for sure. Do you know how many Teams/Avatars you can create please?

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    Mate I’d buy it but as you say the fact it’s a bit easy is putting me off. The main bug bear though it really cry’s for online play, this would be cracking online. I will buy it when the steam sales start in couple weeks to support the devs as you say 👍

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    I'm still waiting for a vr football game that uses the normal FIFA/Pes controls with a controller. Its like Pes or FIFA pro camera mode in 1st person, but the only difference is you can physically turn your head to see the players around you and where to turn and pass, rather than like the current camera where it just aims you at goal and you can't actually see around you unless looking at map blip. So imagine a kind of 1st person shooter, right stick turn, left move and head to just quick glance around and feel a real experience of football without the having to swing your arms to move and shoot with move controllers like football nation. I just want simple controls with a control. If they do that one day and can get it like Pes, Pes did a Wii version years ago but I didn't like the controls and flicking wrist, aiming, shooting. But this 1st person vr, I'd be well happy. Please someone make it happen. 😷👍

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