Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives

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  1. Responder

    Ozzy man:Makes jokes about neymar diving in football
    Also Ozzy man:Makes a video about diving in football and doesnt Show neymar

  2. Responder

    The football players only fake na injury to give an impression that the opposition commited a foul. They only dive to gain an advantage or to be rewarded a free kick or penalty.

  3. Responder

    this is why I don't watch football anymore- all a bunch if cheating big girls blouses
    the woman play better football than these pricks

  4. Responder

    I just clicked on ESPN.. and they are airing the Nation Collegic Corn Hole Championships… dude, you need to do a review on that sht….and apparently they even Professional Corn Hole Championships with Sponsors

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