1. Responder

    Great movie. I just don’t like the way the sister is acting like the mom being a full time mom isn’t doing what she should be doing. A mother’s kids are her first priority. “Just stand there and bake cupcakes “. Other than that good movie

  2. Responder

    I remember the main dude played in cradle to the grave my wife n kids n also transformers 3 he always be like the co star in movies but in this one he kinda the star I guess lol

  3. Responder

    Oh Angry black people? (heavy on the snark ,thankyou)
    At least they got the part about girls needing a strong father figure right.
    My MOM is the best Dad I ever had. and my dad was an ass-hat. Who leaves their wife and child to starve and freeze to death with a hole in the roof so they can get a several thousand dollar chair for them-selves because they want it?
    All things considered I like this movie.

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