Long Range Soccer Shot Tutorial

How to hit or lob a soccer ball far, long range soccer shot tutorial. read subtitles and watch the motion to get it down. it looks different from tri-pod view, i use …

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  1. Responder

    your technique is wrong for shooting however passing is more suited but for long shots you need straight forward power it looks like you trying to chip??

  2. Responder

    It is important to make sure your plant foot is more forward than normal and to "glide" through the ball on the follow through. Ideally your kicking foot should land well forward of the ball while staying low.

  3. Responder

    your putting alot of backspin which is good for goalkicks and all but for long range shooting which will generally be right about the 18 u need to keep it down more and drive it. i do the exact same thing when i shoot and my coach tore me up about it

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