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    If you're reacting to emotional basketball videos, you need to see "The Single Most AMAZING Moment in Basketball History" by Mike Korzemba
    It's about Chris Paul (awesome PG btw) and the loss of his grandfather
    Made me cry to be honest

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    I remember that pats vs ravens game. It was the only time the I wanted the ravens to pull it off (they usually give us TONS of trouble. excluding the Manning led colts, they were probably their most troublesome matchup.) I know how that feels. I lost my dad when i was 13. I was at my local boys and girls club (a kind of after school hangout where a bunch of kids who couldn't/didn't want to go home went to chill), got picked up by my mom and was told the news. I dont really remember most of the day (most of the month really), only 2 events stick out in my head. I lived close by, maybe a 5 minute walk at most. I went back because there was an kickball game scheduled for somewhere between 3-5pm and I just had lots of well, anger built up i guess? Got my turn, punted the fucker into the ceiling lights and popped both the ball and what was probably an expensive light. Then right after just leaving and breaking down. It's such an odd state of mind, everything is both a blur and crystal clear all at once.

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    Cool I like your reaction bro, but can you do Volleyball reaction???
    You should start by watching yuji nishida from japan hes a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Brett Farve is an all time great quarterback who at one point held every possible record a qb can hold, he was playing against the raiders. The Raiders are known for there extremely violent and passionate fans, raider fans gave him a standing ovation as Brett Farve had the best game in his Hall of Fame career

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    React to this video:

    Richard Petty – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

    Not sure if it's considered a documentary but it's close enough. BTW he is the most famous Nascar driver. Ever.

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