South Florida Football Helmets – A History

Even though the University of South Florida is a large, public university with almost 50,000 students, it did not have a football team until 1997. It started its team in 1997 in Division 1-AA (now called Football Championship Subdivision) and moved up to Division 1-A (now called Football Bowl Subdivision) in 2001. Amazingly in this

Top 5 Nigerian Footballers in the English Premier League

The English Premiership is the biggest sports franchise in the sporting world with global viewing audience scattered over the entire continents of the world. It presently consists of twenty teams that are expected to play 38 games each totaling 380 games from August to May each year. The English Premiership has seen the influx of

Meet the Amorites and the Man Numbered As 666

This group, race, tribe, nation, or whatever you like to call them built and resided in Babylon. They were aggressive invaders of every nation state around them including Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia and throughout the Mediterranean before conquering central Europe, Britain, Africa and Asia to the Indian border. They were enslavers, murderers and Islamic. Their chief

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Soccer Jerseys To Get The Best Deals

It is an exciting moment when a certain individual supports a particular team and it is more fun when one purchase soccer jerseys of his team at affordable prices. One needs to first confirm that they are of intended quality and that they are of required size before embarking on the process of buying them.

Sublimated Soccer Jerseys – The Indispensable Sports Wear

In recent times ‘sublimation’ has emerged as a very popular printing method. In fact, it can be described as the inimitable face of digital printing technology that satisfies the countless desires of this dynamic consumer world. This particular process is used to print sublimated dyes on to a polyester base object or cloth with the